Rose & Dine Menu for Late Summer

(menu subject to change depending on seasonally available ingredients)

This is a 5 + 2 menu:  5 courses plus 2 amuse bouche

Amuse Bouche

CHILLED GARDEN HERB SOUP–  Fresh seasonal herbs are harvested from our gardens and become a chilled herb soup served in a small traditional colonial Jamestown glass bowl- perfect to pick up with your fingers and drink from the glass.  A refreshing way to start your dinner.   (Amuse Bouche means to “amuse the mouth”.  They are served in smaller portions than an appetizer.)

Course 1

CHEESE WITH FIGS IN MALBEC REDUCTION–  Artisan cheese is sliced into bars and served with a fresh-from-our-tree fig reduction in Malbec wine and Molasses.   Garnished with a Rose Petal Chiffonade.

Course 2

GREENS, CITRUS & MUSHROOM SALAD WITH TRUFFLED VINAIGRETTE–  Baby and Micro Greens are tossed with seasonal mushrooms (Lion’s mane if available), Echinacea petals, and Mineola orange slices are tossed with a light truffled vinaigrette.

Course 3

CAST IRON SEARED GNOCCHI WITH ROUGH PESTO–  fresh potato gnocchi is seared in a hot cast iron pan.  Once plated they are drizzled with warm garlic infused olive oil.  Whole roasted pine nuts, shaved Reggiano-parmesan cheese, and a generous handful of fresh Genovese pesto basil leaves go on top.  (pesto basil is a tiny leaf basil that grows in our herb gardens).   Mortar ground Tasmanian peppercorn. Thai Basil flower garnish.

Amuse Bouche 2

LOCAL GOATS MILK ICE CREAM WITH ROSE PETAL PRESERVE–  This Amuse-Bouche is a palate cleanser- a small portion of local organic goat’s milk ice cream is served with a Russian Rose Petal preserve on top.   Time to relax and get ready for your main course.


*YOUR CHOICE; BEEF, CHICKEN, PORK OR SEASONAL FISH–  Before you arrive Mike will ask you to choose between a beef, pork, fowl or fish main course.  Below photographed is a Harissa Rubbed Roasted Gras Fed Tri Tip Beef cut, served with a chiffonade of tuscan kale with garlic and vermouth, and fresh heirloom tomato.   Mike makes his own North-African Harissa; a spirited blend of spices and herbs. The local organic beef is slow roasted to perfection on a red onion slice “rack”.  The juices are reduced with red wine and drizzled over the beef cuts.   A farmers market tomato is sliced and served with fresh oregano and mortar ground tasmanian pepper.

Course 5

DESSERT–  Customers choose; Chocolate or Custard style dessert.  In the photo this couple preferred chocolate.  This is a Scottish Cranachan- a traditional harvest pudding made with dark chocolate, toasted steel cut oats, chopped hazelnuts, and dark brown sugar. The cooled chunks are layered in a dessert glass with a whipped cream made of heavy cream, creme fraiche, and whisky.  Garnished with a blackberry