Stay and Eat

Our #stayandeat is a special additional package offered to guests looking for a unique culinary experience on selected Saturday evenings. Guests are invited to join our cook for a shopping tour at the Farmers Market while he stocks up on local organic ingredients and a visit to the Merchant’s Square cheese shop and wine cellar. As the afternoon shadows stretch long and evening approaches a roaring blaze greats guests at our new fire pit patio gardens. Custom welded and seasoned iron grills inspired by Argentine grilling traditions become the centerpiece to Liberty Rose cook Mike Farrell’s slow cook firewood asado bar-b-que. Guests may purchase their wine from a list of recommendations or bring their favorites.

Price is for two people, Non Alchoholic drinks included. $170. To reserve your package choose #stayandeat from the extras or add on list when booking your room.

Some of the items on typical asado night menus include: *Note: The Argentine Asado #stayandeat experience is a menu served in multiple courses over a 2-3 hour time period. Timing is flexible to the guest’s schedule and varies seasonally. Seating is at the main garden courtyard dining table, weather permitting. Some changes to the menu can be expected during weather events that move the meal to the inside kitchen.


  • Selected cheeses
  • Firewood toasted olive boule bread with three pepper and garden herbs chimichurri spread
  • Medley of roasted root vegetables with sea salt, olive oil and fresh rosemary
  • Ensalada Criolla with local leafy greens, thinly sliced white onion, heirloom tomato, fresh cilantro and basil tossed with olive oil and lemon.


  • Choripanes- traditional firewood grilled butterflied irish banger sausage on bagette
  • A spoonful of Gouda Grits topped with local spicy grilled shrimp


  • A variety organic grass fed beef cuts from local farmers slow cooked on the grill over a thin bed of firewood embers. The most delicious meat you will every taste.
  • Pollo Tia chabela- organic chicken leg with my Aunt Chabela’s cumin dry rub slow cooked on the grill


  • Postre y Helado. Tres leches or Coconut Cake, selected Gelato.