A Creative Retreat in the Heart of Colonial History

In her 1920s speech to the women’s colleges at Cambridge, Virginia Woolf posited that artists and authors need a room of their own – and freedom from interruption – to realize their creative dreams (especially female artists and authors).

Today it’s almost impossible to imagine a room without interruption. Whether you’re male or female, single or married, just the very technology we use to create makes escape into the realm of contemplation seem impossible. Add a few kids, a dog, and a boss or two into the picture and poof your hours of creativity have been whittled to a few stolen moments.

Where better, then, to write, sketch, practice, or contemplate than a room of your own in one of America’s most historical cities?

A true creative spirit, our innkeeper Sandi recognizes that art requires a pleasing atmosphere, time, and proper sustenance. Unlike most B&Bs, the Liberty Rose Inn serves both breakfast and dinner, which may be taken in company in the main rooms or savored in solitary study.

A Quiet Retreat in the Heart of Williamsburg

As for time and atmosphere, Sandi lovingly restored her Williamsburg bed and breakfast with an eye for inspiring creativity through interior design. A quirky but restful ambience pervades the rooms at the Liberty Rose Inn, making the rooms truly feel like a space to call your own for the length of your stay.

The Liberty Rose Inn is quiet but accessible, perfect for taking thoughtful strolls or exploring the extensive library collection at the College of William & Mary before coming home to your room. Just a short distance from the inspiring live history of Colonial Williamsburg and detailed archives, your room at the Liberty Rose Inn can be a creative retreat or a launching point for productive adventures.

When you pick up your room key at the Liberty Rose Inn, it’s clear you are getting more than just a room for the night – you are unlocking the door to a room of your own.